iPhone 6s Repairs Darwin

If you’re looking for iPhone 6s repairs in Darwin then thank goodness you’ve found Smart Lab NT. We know first hand how important your iPhone is, both for business and social purposes, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering a super-fast professional repair service which will get you back up and running in no time at all. With a team of highly skilled experienced iPhone technicians on site, their daily routine includes iPhone 6s screen replacement, faulty battery replacement, error code issues, faulty dock repairs and replacement cameras, to name but a few.

Here at Smart Lab NT we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. All of our iPhone 6s repairs are carried out using original Apple parts and come with a lifetime warranty on parts and labour. Since we carry a large stock of replacement parts, most iPhone 6s repairs can be carried out within an hour, so you can leave your phone with us and go grab a coffee. One of the most common repairs is iPhone 6s screen replacement which is known for being particularly sensitive. Because our technicians handle a large volume of these, as well as iPhone 6s screen repair on a daily basis, they’ve got it down to a tee and are incredibly fast, usually taking no longer than 15 minutes. Our technicians have repaired thousands of iPhones so you know your phone is in a safe pair of hands.

Accidents can and do happen, and trust us we’ve dealt with phones that have taken a dive into the pool as well as iPhones which have been run over by a car! Isn’t it reassuring then to know that you have a reputable local company who can offer speedy iPhone 6s screen replacement as well as liquid damage recovery.

Next time you have iPhone 6s questions or repair needs then why not call Smart Lab NT on 08 8941 3058 or pop into either of our shops in Darwin where our friendly knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist.

Smart Lab NT specialises in Apple iPhone repairs. Most iPhone repairs are completed within 1 hour. Come to one of our shops at Darwin and we will take care of your iPhone for you. While we repair your phone we can give you a FREE loan phone if required. We always recommend using Apple original parts and back this up with our lifetime warranty* on all parts and labor.

Most Common iPhone 6s Repairs & Fixes.

Repair Type
Battery Replacement Service - OEM Specifications
Camera Module Front & Sensors flex Replacement Service - OEM Specifications
Camera Module Rear Replacement Service - OEM Specifications
Charge Port / Dock connector Replacement Service - OEM Specifications
Headphone Jack, Earpiece , Loudspeaker, Microphone Replacement Service - OEM Specifications
Home Button Replacement Service - OEM Specifications
Power button, Volume button & Mute Switch Replacement Service - OEM Specifications
Screen Replacement Service - OEM Specifications
Sim Tray Replacement Service - OEM Specifications

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